Sport Scholar USA



My name is Jason Mitchell and I am the creator of Sport Scholar USA. I started this website when I realised there was a real need for a quality information for those UK athletes who are thinking about or looking to obtain an athletic scholarship in the United States. I myself received a golf scholarship to Nova Southeastern University, Florida and during the time I was searching, I realized that contacting colleges and coaches together with working out the maze of procedures was extremely difficult to do by myself. This website is intended to guide you through a number of steps involved with finding, attending, paying, playing, etc a scholarship to University in the United States of America.


When I launched this website, I believed my experience and ability to relate to UK athletes and their needs would be difficult to find anywhere else. My knowledge of the recruiting process, university requirements, school system, funding and costs, made me believe that I'm offering a far more reliable source of information than any recruiting company. I aim to provide you with vital information so that 1. you can build an outstanding resume 2. you know all the procedures involved in obtaining a scholarship, and 3. the cost of it all. With this information I believe you will be best prepared to find yourself the greatest opportunity.

Many UK athletes believe that obtaining a scholarship and attending university is a simple procedure, but from my personal experience this is not the case.  The process is not easy, certain obstacles present themselves but through this site I hope to enlighten and make the procedure easier to understand.

If you are interested in finding out more information and how I might be able to assist you please contact me. Enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing from you.